Why You Should use Penny Auction Sites

  • Bids Start at $0.01
  • Save up to 95%
  • Bid on Warehouse Wholesale Goods
  • New in Box Items with Manufacturer Qarrenty
  • Huge Product Selection

#3 BidCactus

BidCactus Reviews

  • Certified by Better Business Bureau
  • View Upcoming Auctions
  • Transactions Certified by McAfee Security
  • Live Customer Support M-F
  • Gift Certificates and Technology Products

Service Review

For a penny auction website, Bidcactus’ service is outstanding. Being one of the few auction websites that offers live customer support every weekday really sets it apart from the competition. Bidcactus has been around since 2008, which allows this website to offer customers higher quality, more expensive products.


  • Bidcactus sets itself apart from the pack by having live support Monday through Friday between the hours of nine am and 5 pm eastern time. Many penny auction sites only offer support via email, which many people detest.
  • Bidcactus is also certified by the Better Business Bureau, an attribute that few penny auction websites have. The prestigious Ernst and Young accounting firm conducted an audit on the website and has verified that legitimate business practices are in place. This is good for consumers because it increases the likelihood of getting their products on time.
  • This auction website allows users to send gift certificates to friends and family members. This is a perfect birthday or graduation gift, especially if your loved one has one products in the past. Gift certificates are available in a variety of amounts, which means they can fit any budget. Bidcactus also allows you to specify the delivery date of your gift certificate.
  • With Bidcactus, you are also able to view upcoming auctions. Not all penny auction websites provide users with this feature, but it is always very useful.
  • Bidcactusis certified by McAfee internet security to ensure that all transactions processed on the website are secure. This will help make sure that your credit card information does not get in the hands of a hacker.

Promo codes or bonuses

Bidcactus currently has many promotions going on. One promotion is called wake up call. Every Monday through Friday from six to nine am eastern time you will earn two times the points for every bid. On Saturdays, you will be able to get twice the points all day long. On Fridays if you purchase a fifty bidpack between 4 and 7pm eastern time you will get five bonus bids free.

Types of products

Bidcactus sells mostly gift cards, with a few technology products thrown in the mix. Technology products include the Apple iMac, the Apple iPhone, and the Apple iPod Touch.

Shipping details

All items won on Bidcactus should be received within fifteen business days. Items are shipped via FedEx, USPS, or UPS.

Support and help

As mentioned above, support and help is an area that Bidcactus really shines. You can speak with a live representative Monday through Friday. You can email Bidcactus twenty four seven.


For all the penny auction websites out there, Bidcactus really does shine above all the rest. People love good customer service and Bidcactus provides it. Many people shy away from other auction websites because they simply can’t get in touch with a person when they need to. Also, Bidcactus has a wide variety of gift cards and technology products at a hefty discount, making it worth the wild to give this website a try.

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#3 BidCactus, 8.4 out of 10 based on 238 ratings

3 Responses to “#3 BidCactus”

  1. Latisha Solivan says:

    I don’t doubt penny auctions for a second. Sure, they’re taking a risk, but since when does gambling not involve taking a risk? You could come out a winner, or a loser. I love penny auctions because it’s the time that I win that make me come back for more chances.

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  2. Michel Kearney says:

    Penny auctions are fun and exciting ways of trying to win cool merchandise. I like them because they aren’t complicated, and I can usually win something cool fairly often. They are better than Ebay because you can win things for much cheaper, and they are better than going out to shop because you’re not wasting gas money to get there and back. Even better, is that winning stuff from a penny auction versus going out to shop, almost always pays off in that the items you win will usually be won a bargain price. Yup, penny auctions to me even beat bargain shopping places like Walmart.

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  3. Lexie Chautin says:

    Not too long ago I needed something for my brother’s birthday. Having heard of penny auctions, and being very doubtful, I gave it a go and got a brand new Playstation 3 for $50! Yup, that was my brother’s best birthday or so he says. Either way, I’m not as doubtful now. I do lose at times, but I win little things here and there, too. Penny auctions are definitely worth the try.

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