Why You Should use Penny Auction Sites

  • Bids Start at $0.01
  • Save up to 95%
  • Bid on Warehouse Wholesale Goods
  • New in Box Items with Manufacturer Qarrenty
  • Huge Product Selection

#9 BidHere

BidHere Reviews

  • Ability to Trade your Win for Bids
  • Sell Personal Items for Money
  • Technology Products and other Various
  • Category Section for Easy Searching
  • Coming Soon Auction page

Service review

Bidhere provides wonderful customer service. This penny auction website has an extensive page outlining the mission of the company as well as the addresses and phone numbers of the company in both the United States and Australia. Bidhere was founded in 2010 and is still going strong.


  • One of the key features of Bidhere is that you can trade your win for bids. This is a wonderful feature because sometimes you might win things that you didn’t really want.
  • Another key feature of Bidhere is the ability to sell your own items for money. Most penny auction sites do not let users sell personal items. With Bidhere opening the door for anyone to sell their products, it really sets it apart from the competition.
  • Bidhere has beginner only auctions, which is perfect if you’re just starting out. Learning the ropes of penny auction websites can be hard to do at first, so it’s always nice to be in a relaxing environment at first.
  • Something that Bidhere has that many penny auction sites don’t is a categories section. This is a wonderful feature because it allows you to break down the prizes into more bite size sections.
  • Finally, Bidhere has a coming soon auction page. This allows you to plan out your bids accordingly and save up if a good auction is coming. With coming soon auctions, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Promo codes or bonuses

Right now Bidhere is allowing the first five hundred people to upgrade their account to premium for a month for only ninety nine dollars. If this is something that you’re interested in, you should act fast.

Types of products

Bidhere has an extensive range of products. Some of the products that Bidhere sells include televisions, music players, computers, iphones, ipads, and gift cards. Other products include perfume, cosmetics, cars, games, coffee, digital cameras, and video cameras.

Shipping details

Products are shipped within seven to twenty one business days. Products are shipped via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS.

Support and help

Customers can get in touch with Bidhere via a support ticket. You can also get in touch with Bidhere by calling their New York or Australian offices. It should be noted that phones will only be answered during normal business hours Monday through Friday.


In conclusion, Bidhere is a very good penny auction site. One of the main advantages that Bidhere has over its competition is the marketplace vibe. There aren’t very many other penny auction sites that allow users to sell their own items. Most of the time, it is just the company selling items. Being able to buy and sell your items from the same website really makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Bidhere makes it easy to purchase items you’d love with the proceeds from items you sold. Also, the wide product range makes Bidhere a knockout in comparison to other penny auction websites that have recently launched. When you’re in the mood, you should give this website a try.

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  1. Mercedez Sivay says:

    Penny auctions are legitimate. They are just like any other gambling strategies combined with bidding, but penny auctions are cool because it seems I win more than I ever do at any casino. And unlike Ebay, I can get high quality items for almost free, or so it seems at times.

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