Why You Should use Penny Auction Sites

  • Bids Start at $0.01
  • Save up to 95%
  • Bid on Warehouse Wholesale Goods
  • New in Box Items with Manufacturer Qarrenty
  • Huge Product Selection

#6 BidRivals

BidRivals Reviews

  • Transactions Verified by Verisign
  • Purchase Bids for $.75
  • Large Variety of Auction Items
  • See Closed Auctions and Prices
  • 28 Days for Shipping!! Ouch

Service Review

Customer service at Bidrivals is much better than the competitions’. Bidrivals has been around since 2009, so they definitely know what they’re doing. Every year, Bidrivals is expanding into new territories and introducing new products into auctions.


  • A key feature of Bidrivals is being able to purchase bids for only seventy five cents. This is a wonderful price for bids and really makes your money go further.
  • Another feature of Bidrivals is having the ability to register for free. This is a good feature of the website because it doesn’t require you to spend any money up front. If you aren’t sure whether Bidrivals is the website for you or not, this feature will make you feel at home.
  • If you didn’t win an auction, you don’t have to feel like your money went to complete waste. You will be able to use the dollar amount of your bids towards the item you want to purchase. If you used a hundred bids you would be able to save seventy five dollars!
  • Bidrivals has a closed auctions part of the website where you will be able to see the values at which certain items closed. This is a helpful feature because it can educate you on the right time to start bidding. Most of the time items sell for around the same price every time, so when it gets close to the final value on past auctions you should put in your bid.
  • For people that are worried about getting their information stolen, they should feel good about using Bidrivals. Bidrivals is verified by Verisign, the online security standard. It is very unlikely that your transaction will be compromised when using Bidrivals.

Promo codes or bonuses

Bidrivals is currently offering new customers one hundred free bids when they purchase the one hundred and fifty bid pack. This is a wonderful discount for new customers and really helps increase your chances of winning. Also, there is a twenty percent off coupon that you can use when purchasing your bids.

Types of products

This penny auction website features a large variety of products, including cameras, cell phones, tables, games, toys, fashion, accessories, gadgets, gift cards, home and garden supplies, laptops, desktops, perfume, cosmetics, outdoor equipment, and home entertainment systems.

Shipping details

Products are shipped within twenty eight days of receipt of payment. All products are shipped via FedEx, DHL, USPS, or UPS.

Support and help

Customers can reach Bidrivals’ customer service team via email. For customers speaking Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese, separate email addresses are provided for native language support.


In summation, Bidrivals is a very good deal. Bidrivals really caters to people who are new at penny auctions and helps get them on the right track. This penny auction website provides many helpful tips and definitely is worth a try if you are tired of paying retail for all your products. With a little patience and some strategy, you can save a lot of money with Bidrivals.

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#6 BidRivals, 7.6 out of 10 based on 29 ratings

2 Responses to “#6 BidRivals”

  1. Tandy Carpino says:

    I love the thrill of gambling and bidding when it comes to penny auctions. If you like auctions, gambling, etc. then you can always try a penny auction. I like them for this reason. I may be too addicted to the life of gambling, but it’s what I live for.

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  2. Keneth Staller says:

    Penny auctions are pretty cool in my opinion. Yeah, sometimes it sucks if you don’t win, but at the same time you can get some really cool stuff for very little cost. I once got a gift card to Starbucks for only a dollar and the gift card was for 20 bucks. So in the end I’m not going to complain.

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