Why You Should use Penny Auction Sites

  • Bids Start at $0.01
  • Save up to 95%
  • Bid on Warehouse Wholesale Goods
  • New in Box Items with Manufacturer Qarrenty
  • Huge Product Selection

#1 HappyBidDay

Beezid Reviews

  • Gives Bids back to Winner on top of Prize
  • Can set the Site to Bid for You
  • Offer Starter Auctions for Beginners
  • Technology Products Available Here
  • Its call “Happy Bid Day” sounds friendly

Service review

Happybidday provides excellent service. The company is a legitimate business and items are always in perfect condition. Happybidday is a fairly large company and has been around since 2010.


  • One of the reasons that Happybidday is such a great penny auction website is because of its feature called Happy Auctions. Happy Auctions are auctions just for people who have free bids. This is wonderful for people who have free bids because the competition will be much lower and it will be easier to win.
  • Another one of Happybidday’s key features is its starter auctions. Starter auctions are for people that are just starting out. These auctions allow them to get a feel for the environment. If you have less than two penny auction wins, you are eligible for starter auctions.
  • If you are extremely busy and don’t have time to keep an eye on auctions, you can always add them to your watch list. With Happybidday’s watch list feature, you’ll be able to know when something happens to an item on your list.
  • Happybidday also sets itself apart from the rest because it gives bids back to the winner. Being able to receive bids back on top of winning a prize is one more reason to use this penny auction website.
  • With Bidrunner, you don’t have to worry about being present during the time of the auction. If you want, Bidrunner can place a higher bid in your name whenever anybody else bids. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing an item you want to win.

Promo codes or bonuses

Happybidday gives customers fifty free bids when they register. Also, you get free bids whenever you win an auction. You can receive free bids when you invite your friends or when you buy a bid pack. One of the last ways to receive free bids is by logging in daily.

Types of products

Happybidday sells a variety of products, including gift cards and a range of technology items. Technology items include Apple products as well as the Nintendo DS and the Amazon Kindle. You can also find televisions and bid packs for auction as well.

Shipping details

All items won are shipped from the Happybidday auction warehouse within seven business days of receipt of payment. Products are shipped via FedEx, USPS, or UPS depending on the customer’s location.

Support and help

Customer service is provided via telephone Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm eastern time. You can also send a support ticket to Happybidday, which will be answered within two businesses days.


All things considered, Happybidday is a very good auction site. Even though Happybidday isn’t as old as some other players in the industry, they still bring a lot to the table. Happybidday is one of the few penny auction websites to have live customer service support. In addition, you can get free bids in a lot of different ways. If you haven’t tried Happybidday, you should give it a try.
Beezid Reviews

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#1 HappyBidDay, 9.4 out of 10 based on 361 ratings

4 Responses to “#1 HappyBidDay”

  1. Kaye Falto says:

    To me, penny auctions are exciting and fun to try. Sometimes I don’t get anything, but sometimes I do and that’s what makes them exciting. There are a lot of benefits about them, too. This is pretty special at a time like this, too. When the economy is bad, like now, a penny auction is a wonderful way of shopping for things at a fraction of what they’re really worth. So if you’re in a tight financial situation, sometimes a penny auction is the way to go. Keep in mind that you’re taking your chances on them, but that’s just like any other auction. This way though, you can do it right at your house, and again, things come very cheap when you win. I’ve even heard of people winning cars and boats! I personally haven’t won a car or boat (though I’d love to), but I have scored big before, including a nice pair of gold earnings for almost nothing, and some good deals on a few pairs of name brand jeans. I like them too, because I get to sell some items on there and collect money from bids that were placed on those items. So in a way, it’s like having a garage sale on your computer, yet you don’t even have to leave the house.

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  2. Deja Follett says:

    My first penny auction I won nothing. My second, however, yielded a better prize. After getting nothing on my first try, then winning a GPS system for under 10 bucks, I tried a third time and got a $50 Visa gift card for only a dollar! Awesome

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  3. Austin Jeanette says:

    When people ask me about penny auctions, I always replied, “If you have doubts, try it yourself.” I say this, because a lot of times people will and they’ll usually be rewarded with pleasant results. Though you don’t always come out as the last bidder standing, there is a good chance of winning costly items for very little money. For instance, I once won a $40 crock-pot for $5, and an Itunes gift card for $100 that I paid only $25 for. It’s true that you don’t always win, but it’s these successful times that make penny auctions definitely worth a try. Again, if you’re iffy, try it yourself. You could be pleasantly surprised in the end.

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    • Sam Inocente says:

      I very much enjoy penny auctions because they are simple and exciting. You can easily increase your bid as you wage in what I like to refer to as a “bidding war.” It’s almost like an electronic struggle to claim your prize. Always fun in my book, especially when I come out the winner.

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