Why You Should use Penny Auction Sites

  • Bids Start at $0.01
  • Save up to 95%
  • Bid on Warehouse Wholesale Goods
  • New in Box Items with Manufacturer Qarrenty
  • Huge Product Selection

#8 Zeekler

Zeekler Reviews

  • An aggressive online auction site
  • Offers many Zeekler award programs
  • A legitimate auction site on Web
  • Free joining and registration
  • Spectacular and superior products

Service Review

The products that are auctioned are of good quality. In order to participate in the bidding, it is important that you have an account with Zeekler. All you need to do is register with the auction bidding site and then you have the freedom to participate in the bid at any point of time whenever the auction is underway.

The best part is you don’t have to shell out any money for registering with Zeekler and also after joining you are entitled to 25 bids to experiment with. And of course these are all free bids! Once you register free with Zeekler, you can not only bid, you can also save and earn your hard earned cash. Not only that you also have the option to buy what is known as the “Bid packs” to enjoy more benefits. Moreover, if you refer a friend or many friends, you get to enjoy more free bids.

Types of Investments

Zeekler being a penny auction website, you can bid on innumerable items and various products that include tools, electronic goods, gadgets, home appliances, furniture, and even gift cards. You can either focus on a single auction or you can also get involved in more than one bid if you like a product. This is possible only if you have the capability of multitasking.

Commissions and fees

The owner gets a flat free for instance, for the sake of convenience let it be USD$0.80 cents/bid. If there are 1000 bids from the auction and the product sells for USD$10, the owner of the product gets USD$800 from all bids. And the one who wins is able to get his favorite product for as little as USD$10.


Zeekler is not only an auction site; you could also have your online shop here! You can find the details of how your online shop works by navigating through Zeekler. You can work in coordination with the wholesalers, get a good bargain on any product you like and then sell them on Zeekler. The main advantage of having your online shop here is that Zeekler is there to take care of the products you intend to resell.

Investing and trading tools

As far as investing and research tools are concerned, you have as many as 25 free bids as you join. And all you need is to sign up for free and start bidding. Moreover, you don’t need a fortune to start bidding for a product. You can start bidding with as low as USD$1.


Zeekler is basically a great auction bidding site. As you get into the details of Zeekler, you will get to know how exciting it is to bid on this site. Moreover, you could also take advantage of the various bidding programs offered by Zeekler like the Zeek Rewards. So, gear up for an exciting bid next time you think of experimenting with an auction site. Zeekler is the best in this regard.

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#8 Zeekler, 7.5 out of 10 based on 50 ratings

3 Responses to “#8 Zeekler”

  1. Kina Gulisano says:

    Sometimes I feel like someone is giving stuff away to me when I win penny auctions. In a way, they do because you can get merchandise at a really low price. There are times when I lose, but I can’t frown upon the times in which I win kitchen wear, video games, gift cards and more for almost nothing.

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  2. Jimmy Bobby says:

    Avoid Zeek at all costs, I have several friends that have had issues, stupidly invested money, and nobody at customer support has gotten back to them after several weeks an dozens of emails.

    Also, these guys are now bank hopping, they have been banned in the state of Montana and several more states to come.

    Bad news, they punch up their bids using their own bots so they can pay their members that originally were sucked in when they posed as an investment, but now have changed to a subscription. $1000 bucks up front seems a bit excessive to me. can you spell PONZI. Zeek gives auction sites everywhere a bad name.

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  3. Arnold Waz says:

    This website is a scam!! They are so bad they were shut down by the government. I like penny auctions but some of those sites out there are just in it to rob you not make a little profit. I for one am happy this site is gone.

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